My Quirky Adventure – Day 5

My blog posts may be a little inconsistent as the wifi is limited on my travels and therefore you may get a few posts in one day.

I woke up slightly hung over today as my friend (Keeley), the boyfriend (Sean) and I had shared a bottle of wine over dinner last night. Keeley and I also had a “quirky cocktail”.  Being a health-nut I do not drink a lot these days but I do enjoy a nice wine and besides wine must be healthy right because it is made from grapes.

Keeley went on the coffee run this morning and came back with tasty Greek yoghurt and the most divine blueberry muffin I had ever tasted!!  Being the health crazed individual I am, I almost never eat muffins unless I know exactly what ingredients they contain but oh boy this muffin was to die for!  It was obvious it was healthy as it tasted so clean and contained delicious spices, I was in food heaven!!


It was a gorgeous day in London today and as it was my last day with Keeley I wanted to introduce her to my cousin (Patrick) who has been living in London for the last year and a half.  Patrick and I are first cousins as my Dad and his Mother are siblings and of Mauritian background.  People do not believe we are cousins as Patrick is tall dark and handsome which has no similarity to my short Caucasian self.  I am not a Mauritian albino, my Caucasian appearance is due to the fact that my beautiful mother is Scottish and therefore the Mauritian colour gene unfortunately skipped me.

My cousin Patrick is a personal trainer and is looking very buff!!  I asked Patrick about his work out and diet regime, he explained when he was training he consumed “4000 CALORIES A DAY”!!  WOOH, I would love to have a 4000 calorie allowance in my calorie bank but I guess when you are as buff as Patrick you need it.

Patrick_QCToday was my last day with Keeley, we were on a mission to return a dress I had purchased two days earlier as my indecisive self decided I no longer liked it.  We called this mission “Danielle and Keeley go to River Island” as the mission to return the dress reminded me of the movie “Harold and Kuma go to Whitecastle”.  We started our mission by visiting the Hummingbird Bakery in Angel as apparently they have the best cupcakes ever!! Again I almost never eat store bought cupcakes but Keeley was the third person that mentioned these cupcakes were amazing!!  We each got a red velvet cupcake and oh my goodness YUM!!


We then continued on our mission to “River Island” (which is actually a clothes store in England), Keeley and I wanted to avoid the hustle and bustle of London’s busy streets so we opted for a quieter shopping centre.  We were told there was a small “River Island” at a shopping centre near by so we jumped on a bus to get there.  Upon arriving we looked on the store directory but “River Island” was nowhere to be found.  We figured it must be outside located on the high street and asked a few people who ended up sending us on a wild goose chase.  We walked up and down the streets until we eventually found out that “River Island” closed down. Sheesh they said it was a small shop but we didn’t realize it was so small that it was non existent.. Oh well at least all the walking had burnt that delicious red velvet cupcake off.

We ended up venturing out to busy London (which we had been trying to avoid) to return the dress, it was peak hour and I felt like I was a ball in a pinball machine being pushed from one side to the next by random busy people.

Sean, Keeley and I ate a deliciously healthy Turkish meal for dinner which was lamb and chicken shish kebab with rice and salad it was super tasty!!  Keeley’s visit was short and sweet but we have promised to make an effort to try to see each other again soon and not wait another 8 years.



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