My Quirky Adventure – Day 4

I absolutely love the food in London, there is a great variety of healthy food but 6 days is not enough time to sample it all…  I can however tick another healthy establishment off my list as today I had the pleasure of lunching with one of my friends from Australia (Nicole) who is on a working visa in London.  Like me Nicole is a food lover so she made a booking at a gorgeous cafe in Angel where I had a “Superfood Salad” which contained butternut squash, quinoa, broccoli, mixed leaves, alfalfa, avocado, marinated feta cheese, fresh mint and parsley and was delicious!!


Many moons ago I worked on a cruise ship and shared a cabin with someone who is now like a sister to me (Keeley).  Keeley lives in Bristol in the UK and due to the thousands of miles between the UK and my home country Australia we have not seen each other for 8 years.  I was very different when we last met and if you read my “about me” page you will see I mention that whilst working in the UK I lived on junk food, alcohol and had no concept of healthy eating, I was therefore nervous about our reunion.  However upon meeting it was just like we had seen with each other yesterday.  Although we had been communicating via email and could see each others pictures on facebook, nothing is quite the same as catching up in person..  We had such a laugh, I forgot how strong her Bristol accent was and even the boyfriend (Sean) was mesmerised by it.

We spent the afternoon chatting, shopping and catching up on the last 8 years before grabbing a healthy pre dinner chicken snack which was a bargain at only 172 calories!!



2 thoughts on “My Quirky Adventure – Day 4

  1. Hi Danielle, I’m curious! 🙂 What is your daily calorie allowance and are you eating to lose weight or maintain your current weight? It’s great to know how many calories are in the food we’re eating but if I don’t know what the total should be it gets a little confusing.

    • Hi Joanne, that is a very good question… As for daily calorie allowance, it depend on how active you are and if you are eating to maintain or lose weight. Me personally I am at my goal weight so I eat to maintain (although after my quirky adventures this may change :-)). As I am quite active I can probably eat 1700 – 2100 calories to maintain but again this depends on what I am eating as if I am eating 1700 calories of junk food this will have a different effect than if I eat 1700 calories of nutritious food. I think of calories as a bank where each day I have an allowance and if I go over that my calorie bank becomes overdrawn and as a result weight increases but if you do not use all of your calories then weight decreases. I hope this helps!!

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