My Quirky Adventure – Day 1

I am currently on a rather long holiday and as there will not be any quirky recipe posts for some time, I thought I would entertain you with daily updates of my adventure.  If there is nothing exciting to post I will not bore you but I trust you will enjoy my adventure updates as strange occurrances and injury mishaps seem to frequently happen to me.

I am excited to be on day 1 of my 25 day adventure with my first stop being London, however the 20+ hour flight (Australia via Bangkok to London) has taken a toll on my once slender ankles!!  A combination of air compression and me sleeping on the plane, together with my “plane toilet phobia” (which prevents me getting up during flights), caused my poor little legs to swell up..  I kept on waking up during the flight as the swelling made my legs hurt and they literally felt like they would explode..  In the morning I looked down and to my dismay I had “cankles”, my ankle bone was no where to be seen!!


My first “quirky mishap” occurred when I arrived at Paddington station in the UK, I went to the ATM (automatic teller machine) and was denied funds..  I later went to another and this time it said “insufficient funds”, straight away my over active mind thought my bank has been hacked but I later realised all of my funds were not in the account that the international ATM was trying to access so I simply transferred the funds, phew!! Once I had cash it was time for me to buy a London underground ticket to get to my destination, I walked around aimlessly like a lost puppy and proceeded to cart my 20kg suitcase up and down Paddington station to find I had actually gone around in circles, 30 minutes had passed and I was still no closer to knowing what ticket to purchase.  My thongs (flip flops), were digging in to my swollen feet and starting to really hurt so I decided I would get in a taxi instead.. I made a “quirky discovery” that London taxis are very different to those in Australia..  The driver helped put my luggage in the back of the taxi, I thanked him and walked to the front door (as that is where us Aussie folk sit in taxi’s) he seemed alarmed and assertively advised that in the UK passengers sit in the back, woops!!

The apartment I am staying in is located in Shoreditch, London.  It is a converted warehouse and it is quite nice although lacking a few amenities I require.  An important item missing is a power outlet in the bathroom, the females reading this will understand how important it is to blowdry or straighten your hair in front of a mirror. This has forced me to think ouside the square and as a result I used the reflection of the oven as my mirror, that has to be worth some points for creativity.


I am in healthy heaven as the apartment I am staying in is situated between two health food shops and in case that wasn’t enough there is another located across the road. The airplane food on my trip was tasty but far from receiving the QCA tick (“Quirky Calorie Approved”), so at lunch time I wanted something that was nourishing to my body.  I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon “Simply Fish” down the road from my apartment.  It is a cafe/restaurant that also offers take away and they have an option where you chose your fish (I chose Hake) and the way you want it cooked (I chose steamed), the sauce you want with it, which is served on the side (I chose soy, ginger and oyster sauce) and lastly 2 x sides (I chose steamed broccoli and salad), oh my goodness this was delicious and at the same time so nutritious for my jetlagged body.


I know this is a very long blog post, I wanted you to get a feel for what my holiday will entail.  I shall try to keep the following posts shorter and more of an update, that is unless any quirky mishaps occur that are worth reporting on. Thank you for reading, stay tuned for day 2 of my quirky adventures.


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