290 Calorie Omelette

I was rather hungry after breakfast this morning so I decided to make myself a tasty omelette..  Call me crazy if you will but I actually make omelettes in a wok..  I am not saying this is the correct way but it is how I can guarantee no breakage of the omelette during the flipping process..

I absolutely love omlettes as not only do they taste great but my version below is super healthy with hardly any fat and at 290 calories, it leaves more room in the calorie bank for me to indulge in other tasty treats..  


Serves 1


2 x large eggs

40g ham off the bone

1/2 large tomato (approx 100g)

30g sliced onion

60g sliced mushrooms

20g (ish) of baby spinach (I just grabbed a handful)

parsley to garnish

olive oil spray for the wok

salt, pepper & dried mixed herbs


1.    Chop the onion, tomato, ham and mushrooms

2.    Crack 2 x eggs into a small bowl and whisk with a fork

3.    Heat wok over high heat, spray the wok with spray oil

4.    Add the onion, tomato, ham and mushrooms and cook until tomoato is soft

5.    Season with salt, pepper and dried mixed herbs (or herbs of choice)

6.    Stir to mix for 30 seconds, take off heat and stir in the spinach

7.    Put cooked ingredients in a bowl


8.    Place wok back on heat, spray with olive oil and wipe clean with a paper towel

9.     When clean, let wok heat up and spray with more spray oil

10.    Pour omelette mixture in to wok and swirl around until all of the egg is distributed evenly

11.    Flip omelette over for a moment, remove from wok and put on a plate


12.    Place the cooked mixture on one side of the omelette


13.    Turn the omelette over to close and garnish with parsley

14.    Enjoy!!

*** PS *** This can be served with a leafy garden salad for only an extra 70ish calories!!


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