My Quirky Adventure – Day 24

Sri Lankan cuisine is a favourite of mine…  I love chili (which is great for the metabolism), curries and the many herbs and spices used in Sri Lankan dishes.. So when the fiance (Sean) and I landed in Sri Lanka airport (for our connecting flight to Malaysia), we had a couple of hours to spare so off we went in search of some of this fine cuisine…

I had obviously forgotten I was in an airport where “fine” cuisine is non-existent and instead we ended up in what looked more like a school canteen.

I was craving a healthy spicy fresh curry, however with only two options on the menu “Sri Lankan” or “English Breakfast”, I decided to give it a miss..  Sean ordered the Sri Lankan brekkie which did not look very appetising, I tried a few mouthfuls of which was okay but I thought I would save myself for the in-flight meal (if you can call it a meal) we were to receive on the plane on route to Malaysia.


After I skipped the most important meal of the day (tut tut), we still had time to kill and as all the running around Italy had put strain on my muscles, my body was craving a massage…  We saw a massage salon in the airport and decided to splurge on this treat…

A foot massage was just what I needed and put me in a relaxed state, however this turned out to be a little too relaxed as upon leaving the salon we realised our plane had boarded and we were again running through the airport AGAIN…

Long story short, we made the flight..

I was pleasantly surprised with the in-flight meal on route to Malaysia..  It was chicken rendang with basmati rice, not bad for a packaged meal.


Our flight was quite long so I was fairly hungry by the time we arrived in Malaysia…  After checking in to our hotel, we were off on the last outing of our Quirky Adventure!!!

As we walked around I spotted a fruit kiosk, my mouth was salivating at the thought of fresh fruit, I just had to buy some..  Oh fruit, how I have missed you I thought….



I popped the fruit in my bag for later as due to the time difference between countries, it was now time for dinner…  We chose one of the street food eateries and ordered the spiciest dishes on the menu..  Chili garlic prawns, chili crab and local asian greens (yes I NEEDED my greens, such an important part in our diet, especially mine 🙂 which was accompanied with rice..  I would have preferred the brown variety but in Malaysia this was not an option..



It was like a taste explosion in my mouth!!  The food is Europe was delicious but much heavier than Malaysian cuisine…  I had been so use to being carbed up that the freshness of this food was not only cleansing on my palette but also on my digestive system.



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