I’M BACK!!!!

For those of you lovely people who are subscribed to my blog you will see quite a few blog updates from me in your mailbox…  This is not an error, you will notice that I have not posted in quite some time, now let me explain why…………….

WELL…. remember my “Quirky Adventure”, those 25 days filled with excitement, chaos and MANY quirky mishaps..  If you remember back to day 15 where my lovely fiance proposed to me, well let’s just say that engagement ring was magical as 9 months later, my little miracle was born!!

2015-10-09 19.50.23-1

So what happened to my studies… I have been extremely busy studying and am now a qualified Weight Loss Consultant!!  I am still working out how I will deliver my service offering and have a few things in mind which I will share with you as they come to light, I have been more active on The Quirky Calorie Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages so if you would like to stay in touch, you can also find me there..


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