My Quirky Adventure – Day 22

This morning, the fiance (Sean) and I  were to meet team travel in a gorgeous shopping village located in Tuscany.

We parked in the car park and made our way on foot to the village, at this point I was ‘almost’ not regretting the empty calorie tiramisu I had naughtily had for dessert the night before as it was an up hill journey to the village requiring LOTS of energy!!

Each day of my quirky adventure seemed to resemble more of the reality TV show ‘The Amazing Race’..

When we were almost at our destination, we came across the most gorgeous looking grape vine, my mouth was watering at the thought of such organic wholesome produce, so much so that I picked a sneaky bunch off the vine.


Lets just say that some things are best left to be fantasised about as the grapes were far from being the delicious treat I imagined.

The village was made up of quaint little shops, ranging from souvenir shops, cafes, clothes shops and the most gorgeous delicatessens.


I had slept in this morning, hence missing the most important meal of the day, yes breakfast (tut tut) so at this point I was famished!!

We met up with team travel who had been at the village for some time and decided it was time for a dairy treat, they took us to yet another gelateria (I have lost count of my gelato consumption in Italy to date) as this was apparently the best in… wait for it… THE WORLD!!


Sean and I figured that since our team raved so much about this, we had better get one each and in fact Sean got a large.. We figured, it was dessert time somewhere in the world so why not celebrate by eating gelato for what was now brunch time.

World Champion is a pretty big statement but after tasting the gelato I begged to differ the status, I then saw the small print that read the championship title was for the years 2006 – 2007 and 2008 – 2009, umm we are in year 2013 so what happened to this World Champion title for the 3 years between 2010 – 2013… Oh well, when in Rome Tuscany 🙂


We spent the next few hours walking aound the village, enjoying the beautiful weather, getting our Vitamin D fix and aquired a few little trinkets along the way but this sure was exhausting and it was time to go back to our hotel for a rest.

We made our way out of the village and encountered some quirky sights along the way.  In particular a deli that sold quite a lot of boar produce, this could not be mistaken with a stuffed boar standing at the door.


Now I am all for maintaining a healthy weight, but the next quirky image I thought had taken the ‘slim concept’ a little too far..  Bahahaha just kidding, this was some sort of information on historical torture of some kind (umm maybe starvation), however I was not sure exactly what this was as everything was written in Italian.


On the drive back to our hotel, we witnessed many interesting things, the main thing that caught my eye was the family of sun flowers they were just beautiful and quite therapeutic to look at.




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